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Subscribe StatusΒΆ

Receive COP-1 status updates


This method requires to upgrade an HTTP connection to WebSocket. See details on how Yamcs uses WebSocket.

Use the message type cop1.

Input Type

interface SubscribeStatusRequest {

  // Yamcs instance name.
  instance: string;

  // Link name.
  link: string;

Output Type

interface Cop1Status {

  // Link name for which this status applies.
  // It is present when this message is sent over the websocket as there might
  // be multiple COP-1 links subscribed
  link: string;

  // If false, all frames are immediately transmitted (i.e. COP-1 is disabled)
  cop1Active: boolean;

  // Relevant if cop1Active = false -> set the bypass flag on all outgoing frames
  setBypassAll: boolean;

  // Last received CLCW
  clcw: Clcw;

  // Current state of FOP-1 state machine, only relevant if cop1Active = true
  state: Cop1State;

  // V(S) - Transmitter Frame Sequence Number;
  vS: number;

  // The nR from the previous CLCW
  nnR: number;

  // Number of TC packets in the wait queue
  waitQueueNumTC: number;

  // Number of unacknowledged frames in the sent queue
  sentQueueNumFrames: number;

  // Number of frames in the out queue (waiting to be picked up by the master chain
  // multiplexer)
  outQueueNumFrames: number;

  // How many times the last frame has been transmitted
  txCount: number;

Related Types

interface Clcw {
  receptionTime: string;  // RFC 3339
  lockout: boolean;
  wait: boolean;
  retransmit: boolean;
  nR: number;

enum Cop1State {