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yamcsd - Yamcs Server


yamcsd [--version] [--help] [--check] [--log LEVEL] [--log-config FILE]
       [--no-color] [--no-stream-redirect] [--etc-dir DIR]
       [--data-dir DIR]


yamcsd is a shell wrapper that launches a JVM running the YamcsServer main program.


--log LEVEL

Level of verbosity. From 0 (off) to 4 (all). Default: 2. This option only affects console logging, not file logging. For high verbosity levels, this option should be combined with the option --log-config to reduce the amount of output to only selected individual loggers.

--log-config FILE

Finetune the log level of individual loggers. This option only affects console logging, not file logging. An example is given below. When this option is not specified, all loggers are active.


Add this flag to disable ANSI color codes used in console logging.


Add this flag to prevent Yamcs from redirecting stdout/stderr output via the logging system.

--etc-dir DIR

Path to config directory. This defaults to the etc directory relative to the working directory.

--data-dir DIR

Path to data directory. When unspecified the location is read from the yamcs.yaml configuration file.


Run syntax tests on configuration files and quit.

-v, --version

Print version information and quit.

-h, --help

Show usage.


The file specified with the option --log-config must be in properties format, where keys represent a logger, and values represent the verbosity level of that logger. Unmentioned loggers are considered to be off (level = 0). Example:

# Levels:
# 0 = off
# 1 = warnings and errors
# 2 = info
# 3 = debug
# 4 = trace

org.yamcs = 3
org.yamcs.http = 1
com.example.myproject = 4

Note that the effective log level of any specified logger is always ceiled to that of the --log option.