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Create EventΒΆ

Create an event

URI Template

POST /api/archive/{instance}/events

Yamcs instance name.

Request Body

interface CreateEventRequest {

  // Description of the type of the event. Useful for quick classification or filtering.
  type: string;

  // **Required.** Event message.
  message: string;

  // The severity level of the event. One of ``info``, ``watch``, ``warning``,
  // ``distress``, ``critical`` or ``severe``. Default is ``info``
  severity: string;

  // Time associated with the event.
  // If unspecified, this will default to the current mission time.
  time: string;  // RFC 3339

  // Source of the event. Useful for grouping events in the archive. Default is
  // ``User``.
  source: string;

  // Sequence number of this event. This is primarily used to determine unicity of
  // events coming from the same source. If not set Yamcs will automatically
  // assign a sequential number as if every submitted event is unique.
  sequenceNumber: number;

Response Type

interface Event {
  source: string;
  generationTime: string;  // RFC 3339
  receptionTime: string;  // RFC 3339
  seqNumber: number;
  type: string;
  message: string;
  severity: EventSeverity;
  generationTimeUTC: string;
  receptionTimeUTC: string;

  // Set by API when event was posted by a user
  createdBy: string;

Related Types

enum EventSeverity {
  INFO = "INFO",

  //the levels below are compatible with XTCE
  // we left the 4 out since it could be used
  // for warning if we ever decide to get rid of the old ones