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Changes in Yamcs 5.1

Changes in Yamcs 5.1.2 (Aug. 28, 2020)

  • add support for variables when creating instances from templates

  • Add RemoteUserAuthModule for proxied authentication (API only)

  • Fix retrieval of single packets

  • minor tweaks and fixes

Changes in Yamcs 5.1.1 (Aug. 2, 2020)

Fixed the GenericCommandPostprocessor to work with errorDetection: NONE (which is also the default if no errorDetection is specified)

Changes in Yamcs 5.1.0 (Aug. 2, 2020)

  • moved the simulator into its own package out of the examples (such that the examples are independent of eachother)

  • changed the errorCorrection into errorDetection for TC frames (for consistency with TM links and also to documentation)

  • added a parameter on CfsCommandPostprocessor to allow swaping between checksum and command code (necessary on little endian systems with older versions of cFS)

  • added the possibility to specify patterns for the TC streams to define which command goes into which stream (before the way to do this was using some sql statements)

  • various bugfixes

Changes in Yamcs 5.0

Changes in Yamcs 5.0.0 (July 3, 2020)

  • migrated the .def table definitions into the rocksdb. WARNING: the migration is automatic but once migrated the version 4 will not be able to read the data anymore! (the data in the database is not changed, if absolutely necessary we can make a version 4.10.x that can read it)

  • split Event and ParameterValue protobuf messages into internal and external. The internal messages use Yamcs timestamps whereas the external messages use protobuf timestamps.

  • changed the link configuration to be more consistent: removed the “args” parameter; all the properties should be moved one level up.

  • added a status bitfield on all packets where pre-processors can set specific flags such as: packet invalid local time used instead of spacecraft generation time extracted from packet do not archive

  • implemented a replication service

  • removed default yearly partitions for tm/pp data (can still be done by creating manually the tables)

  • added an option to send raw frame data over streams (such that they can be monitored externally or saved into tables)

  • CfsEventDecoder: added an option to specify byte endianess with default to big endian (used to be hardcoded to little endian) added also an option for the charset used to decode the text string, default to US-ASCII

  • removed yamcs-artemis (since it was used mainly for replication)

  • removed the IndexServer: The CCSDS completeness index functionality is provided now by the CcsdsTmIndex service. The histograms do not require definition of any extra service.

  • yamcs-xtce: all parameter and argument types need to be constructed through builders. all data encodings need to be constructed through builders. support the baseType XTCE property which allows a type to inherit properties from another type. AbsoluteTimeParameterType uses java Instant as initial value (rather than Yamcs times)

  • remove the yamcs-simulation rpm. Simulation is one of the examples along others.

  • updated RocksdDB to a newer version such that Yamcs can be run now on Windows 64bits and Linux ARM64 (e.g. Rasbperry Pi 4)